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Duck Hunting near South Padre, TX

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   Combination South Padre Island fishing charters and duck hunting trips can be arranged with Blast to Cast Guide Service during the months of November through January. Typical Texas Duck Seasons are during this time period and are posted with Parks and Wildlife towards the end of September. Winter weather is the most critical factor in booking a combination duck hunting and South Padre Island fishing charter. The duck hunting around South Padre Island tends to be better the windier it gets, sometimes too windy to fish. On the other hand if its flat calm the duck hunting is typically slower, but could be a better day for a fishing charter.If you have the flex ability to schedule a couple of days to hunt and fish, you can pick and choose better weather conditions to enjoy both duck hunting and bay fishing charters. If the weather is right [ windy but not to windy} you can schedule both duck hunting and fishing  for the same date. The winter weather around South Padre Island allows many days to schedule both hunting and fishing for the same day. Please call Captain Mike Knox, concerning any questions or booking details! 

All hunts can be combined with South Padre Island fishing charters.

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